Stop the stress! We do all the heavy lifting when it comes to relocation!

Our network includes over 20 top-of-the-line carriers!


1st Choice Relocation Services offers a full range of services to make your move smooth! We’ve got carriers in our network that provide:


  • Full to partial packing with special handling

Have you got heirloom antiques that have been in the family for generations? Worried about that huge dining room mirror, or the china figurine you bought on that foreign trip? We understand. That’s why we work with bonded & insured carriers who treat your valuables and all of your goods like the treasures you know they are. They’ll pack everything in crating and wrapping that’s suited to each of your belongings. You can bring your own supplies to the party, or we can supply any or all of them at great rates.


  • Will you need storage before or after the move? We’ve got you covered there too!

Tell us what or how much you’ll need to store either before your move or at your destination, and we’ll be happy to set that up for you and keep it affordable.


Whether it’s long distance, local, corporate or home, our network of carriers does it all. No move too big or too small!


Some tools and pointers to help make your move easier!


If your housing development or apartment complex requires you to have a certificate of insurance prior to the pick-up or delivery of your move, make sure you submit the requirements 72 hours prior to your move.


Any items that contain explosives, flammable gases or anything toxic have to removed from your belongings 24 hours prior to your move. They cannot be packed, transported or stored.


Any medications or personal items you’ll need should be kept with you, not allowed to be put on the transport truck.


  • If you’re doing the packing, make sure you mark boxes containing fragile items as “fragile.” These items will be placed and handled separately.


  • If you’re not purchasing packing supplies, don’t worry. We’ll have them on our trucks at a reasonable rate.


  • Empty the drawers and cabinets on all dressers, nightstands, sideboards, armoires, etc. for safer transport.


  • Place throw pillows and small items in boxes. Don’t leave any loose items. They can’t be transported as such.


  • Our carriers are not allowed to transport live plants or trash bags of items.


  • Dispatch will reach out to you the day prior to your move to confirm the time your movers will be there and to answer any last-minute questions you might have.


Remember, we’re here to make things easier  for you during a demanding time. Don’t hesitate to reach out if your needs change or you have further questions about your move.

Moving doesn't have to be stressful!

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